7 Sure-Fire Signs that You're Ready to Start that Side Hustle

So you have that itch again...the one that makes you want to sign up to be an Uber driver or to start taking pictures at weddings on the weekend. Maybe you're always thinking about the ways that you can make extra money using your spare time and mind share? It's possible you just feel underutilized in your current position and need a creative and challenging outlet for your intellect.

All of these are driving forces in a person's decision to start a side-hustle. So, why haven't you pulled the trigger yet and got in on the side-hustle game? Maybe you don't feel like you're ready for it? Check out these 7 sure fire signs to prove to yourself that you are!

1) Your Season of Discontent Has Become Season(s)

Hey, we all have times when we question whether we should be doing what we're doing. But if you've been questioning yourself for more than a season, it's time to take a chance on that weekend gig. Not only can a side-hustle infuse some excitement into your life but it can also cause you to think differently about your day job. Which leads us to the next sure fire sign that you're ready...

2) You're Not on Top of Your Game at Your Day Job

One of the most surprising benefits of starting a side-hustle is that it can actually make you better at your day job! Instead of just being "in sales" or "answering phones", a side-hustle makes you a CEO. And thinking like a CEO is exactly what you need to deliver top notch results at your day job, whatever position you may be in. It's almost inevitable that the thought process required for your side-hustle to be successful will carry over into your day job.

3) You Value Passion Over Profit

One thing you'll learn very quickly is that a side-hustle isn't a get rich quick scheme. If it is for you, you're not ready. Of course, I'm not saying that you couldn't create the next amazing company that acquires customers at an alarming rate and goes public like Snap did this past week...but let's not kid ourselves. If quick, significant profit is the initial goal, you're going to be right back in that season of discontent pretty quickly. But, if you start a side-hustle that you're passionate about, you'll give it the time and resources necessary to go where you can take it.

4) You Have the Cure for _________________________

Fill in the blank with anything that plagues, or even just irks, a certain segment of society and you owe it to them and to yourself to start that side-hustle. Even if it's something as trivial as finding a way to get my kids to not turn all their clothes inside out when they take them off...if you have a method or product to address that, please start that side-hustle!

5) You've Got Cheerleaders

Odds are, if you're reading this, you've probably been contemplating your side-hustle for more than a day or two. And if you identify with sign number 3 above, you've probably shared your passion with a few people. If they're on board and encouraging you to invest your extra time and resources in weekend and evening work, then you're on your way to the support structure you need to make a side-hustle work. While naysayers can certainly motivate you to move things forward out of spite, cheerleaders are the ones who might be willing to really invest in your side-hustle when the time comes.

6) You're Filled with Doubt & Fear

Dale Carnegie put it best when he said, "Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." When you're filled with doubt and fear, it's about time to do something about it.

7) You're Reading This Article

Without trying to be too self-fulfilling, the fact that the title of this article piqued your interest enough to click it and that you're still here reading at sign number 7 tells me that you're ready to do this thing. So, trying my best to impersonate Ben Stiller's character in the "classic" film, Starsky & Hutch, "Do it! Do it!".

Starting your side-hustle might not be easy but it's certainly going to be fun. I want to be along for the ride! Drop a comment on this post letting me know what you plan to start and look for more posts on how you can be successful doing it.