zach ellsworth

I believe in serving friends & family first. I believe you can learn from my experience & mistakes. I believe you can be a successful caterer, food truck owner & restaurant entrepreneur.

All you need is a little help.

I'm a side-hustle entrepreneur that started a food experience company. I've learned a lot. One of the most important things I've learned, in business & in marriage, is that transparency is everything.

This is my attempt to help & inspire you by telling you everything I know about the challenges, pitfalls & satisfaction that comes with being a side-hustle entrepreneur in the food experience industry.

I work a day job in strategic business development for the world leader in apparel decorating technology. I've started a catering company, food truck & restaurant. I also have 4 kids & counting! 

And now, I want to help you to stop dreaming & start doing what it is you've always wanted to do.